The Global Wader Tracking Data Project is currently aware of 326 tracking studies, including 11,007 individuals of at least 30 species. Together, these tracks include 122,912,403 locations over a cumulative total of 1,788 years of tracking.
The map below summarises the wader tracking data currently in the Global Wader registry. Three layers can be selected using the icon at the top-left:
  • Daily locations: the total number of points in each grid cell, up to a maximum of 1 point per individual per day.
  • Individuals: the number of birds recorded in each cell (in rare occasions some birds may be duplicated, where the same individual has been tracked by multiple projects).
  • Species: the total number of species tracked in each cell.
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The Global Wader registry provides details of each participating study and a link to where the data can be accessed (where appropriate). It can be viewed below, and browsed here, using a temporary filtering option.
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header photo by Verónica Méndez